About LA On Cloud 9

LAC9 is a Non-profit organization (501(c)3 tax deductible charity) dedicated to our homeless community and their animals. We provide them with basic essentials and resources, such as hygiene items, food, clothing, blankets, shoes and more. We rely entirely on donations to serve the homeless population throughout the entire Los Angeles area.

Our Mission

Helping the homeless community & animals in need.

A Little More About Us

LAC9 is a non-profit organization based out of South Los Angeles that promotes a humanitarian approach to address impoverishment, seeks to assist the homeless and disadvantaged, and provide animal rescue assistance through a variety of mechanisms and resources. LAC9 does not criminalize the poor, but instead desires to provide a wide range of support to individuals and their animals. LAC9 is a family-friendly organization that encourages social activism and social consciousness in our youth to prepare them to be our next generation of leaders, capable of facilitating change in our communities with compassion and kindness..

We serve the homeless and their animals by providing a buffet meal, clothing, toys, personal hygiene products, pet food and pet-related supplies, such as leashes, collars and toys on the 4th Sunday of every month at MacArthur Park. During the rest of the week, LAC9 continues to help those on the streets of South Los Angeles with food, clothing and personal hygiene products. Animals services, as well as social services are provided through LAC9.

How we do it: All of our food, clothing and toys are donated from people all over the Los Angeles area. We also reach out to our friends, family and supporters for donations. Without them, we couldn’t successfully serve our homeless families and animals in our community. It is, indeed, a group effort. We also encourage each of our volunteers to bring a tray of cooked food or any other food items to ensure there is always enough for those we serve..

“There is no reason for people to live without, when we have it to spare”

Where We Need The Most Assistance

Temporary Housing (Tents)
Pet Food

Meet Our Board of Directors

Claudia Perez


Laurie Mitchell


Dana Beisel