Come and volunteer to feed the homeless and the less fortunate at Martin Luther King Jr Park on Sunday, March 16th, @10am in South Los Angeles. This is our Monthly Food & Clothes Giveaway!  We also need help with distribution of donations. LAC9 will be there by 10am and UNTIL EVERYTHING IS GONE (usually about 2-4 hours). Please try and bring a tray of food or drinks so that we can make sure there is enough for everyone.

We also feed the Homeless Dogs & Cats at Martin Luther King Jr Park. If you would like to donate dog or cat food, please bring some to the event. Thank you!

Please text Claudia (323) 812-9836 or Kari (310) 408-2095 with YOUR NAME and let us know you will be there on March 16 and PLEASE DON’T FORGET to mention the dish(es) or the items you can bring. THE MORE, THE MERRIER!

For those that can’t make it, these items/donations are truly needed:

*Children’s, women’s and men’s clothing.
*Shoes, Sandals
*Bras, Socks, Underwear
*Blankets, Sheets, Towels, Pillows
*Water, Soda, Juice
*Toys, Books, Dictionaries, Pens, Pencils etc
*Food, Canned goods, non perishable items, snacks
*Pads, Tampons, Toilet Paper, Laundry Soap
*Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Razors, Deodorant, Combs etc.
*Dog & Cat food, blankets and toys

ANYTHING, new or used!  Broken? Don’t throw it away. Donate it!

Items needed for L.A. on Cloud9 can be found on our Wal-Mart ‘Wish List’ or you can make a monetary donation.

**Cant make it this month? Don’t worry, we will be hosting these events every 3rd Sunday of each month. So save your donations! 🙂 “Do good, Receive good**

MLK JR PARK : 3900 Western Ave., Los Angeles, California 90062

**Los Angeles donation pick up/drop off Claudia (323) 812-9836

**Downey/surrounding cities donation pick up/drop off Dessirae (562) 652-9329

**Baldwin Park/surrounding cities donation pick up/drop off Angie (626) 478-4330