The majority of the homeless community don’t have the bare necessities and are financially able to buy hygienic products.

LAC9 wants to provide these items to those in need. We want to be able to hand out a Hygiene Care Package to our brothers and sisters on the streets of South Los Angeles and Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Items needed:

-Toilet Paper Rolls
-Body cleansing wipes
-Lip Balm / Chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex
-Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Facial Cleanser
-Combs / Brushes / Bobby Pins (in original packaging, please)
-Deodorant (travel size)
-Shaving Cream in Tubes / Shaving Soap (No CANS of Shaving -Cream!)
-Hand & Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)
-Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel
-Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft
-Mouthwash (travel size)
-Breath Mints / Breath Strips
-Wash Cloths
-Nail Files / Emery Boards / Nail Clippers
-Feminine Hygiene Products

You can also DONATE to help with the purchasing of items.  We will make Hygiene Bags and hand them out on the streets of South Los Angeles and Skid Row. You can also drop off donations; please contact Claudia Perez at (323) 812-9836. Thank you!