This event is specifically done to help Monday Night Mission to collect blankets, sleeping bags, socks and beanies. LA on Cloud9 will start collecting these items now and will deliver them to Monday Night Mission on March 17, 2014. Our group will get together and volunteer with Monday Night Mission to distribute these item at Skid Row for our homeless brothers and sisters.

** Please let LA on Cloud9 know if you have any of these items laying around; we will schedule a pick up or drop off. We have volunteers all over the Los Angeles area, as well as Long Beach, IE and the Valley***

**All Items can also be dropped off to Monday Night Mission**


1500 in 20 days!


As some of you may know, the City of LA has an emergency winter shelter program that runs from December 1st through March 15th. The objective of this program is to safeguard our homeless population from being exposed to low temperatures. The program provides shelter for approximately 1500 people.

As of the March 15, all of the 1500 individuals will have NO access to shelter, food, hygiene items nor clothing and blankets. Many of these folks will temporarily come to Skid Row until they can travel to different areas.

As light as the winter is in LA, the temperature still drops below 60 degrees at night, well until the middle of April. While this can be tolerable when you’re under a roof, sleeping under the stars on cold pavement is a whole different story.

Take into account that we also have a significantly high senior homeless population in LA; they often suffer from things like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as other ailments. With little access to proper healthcare for these folks, sleeping in the cold can become deadly.

To aid our homeless brothers and sisters, who will be leaving the winter shelters, we will be delivering blankets to Skid Row on Monday, March 17th. We will also be delivering hygiene kits, as these folks will no longer have proper access to bathrooms.

We need your help!

Any blankets, sleeping bags, socks, beanies, either new or lightly used- but clean, would greatly help these folks survive until the conditions get warmer. Hygiene kits or individual items such as soap, small bottles of moisturizer, shampoo, hand sanitizer, razors, female hygiene products, and wet naps would be useful for people to not only stay clean, but to keep up their self-esteem.

Please email us if you have any of these items to donate. Anything and everything helps!

Thank you,

Mel Tillekeratne
Monday Night Mission

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