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Boxer was hit by a car

Let us introduce you to Boxer.

Boxer is a 2 month old homeless puppy that snuck away from it’s owner from an opening in a gate of their homeless encampment and was struck by a car. He needs our help and we sprung to action. Admitted to the Veterinarian Primary Care Animal Hospital, Boxer needed surgery to amputate one of his front legs in order to ensure that he will not suffer through infections and future problems.

He is currently recovering from surgery and will update you soon on his progress.


We hope that it goes well and that he will be just as happy and cute as he was before the surgery.  Even with the broken legs, he was playful and excited…we love Boxer.

Here are some pictures from surgery.


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2 thoughts on “Boxer

  1. jules

    im 13 almost 14 so i dont have any money but when i see that a poor helpless creature in need i try to do what i can without

  2. Michelle

    claudia, I am very interested in giving boxer a warm safe home to recoup in if you are looking. I’m local in long beach. Please let me know.

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