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Jordan was found by LA on Cloud 9 during a street mission by LAC9’s Street Team Soldiers

Jordan’s story challenges a lot of what we believe of what we believe is the human capacity for love. Certainly we live in a world full of compassion. But sometimes, we come across a story like this one.

Jordan was found at the bottom of the riverbed in Watts by volunteers of LA on Cloud 9. Led by the founder, Claudia Perez, a member of the group spotted the young dog. When it started moving, they all were shocked. They all were horrified by the scene and saddened to see that it looked injured as well as sick.jordan-update-3

Knowing that we could not help all on our own, we called Hope for Paws. This was a special case. This dog needed a tremendous amount of care.

Then we learned more about the backstory. A mentally ill man, angered by the dogs apparent illness of mange, cut off his right hind leg then strangled Jordan until he passed out. Believing he was dead, he placed the dog in a bag, tied it and threw him 30 feet down into the L.A. River.

Two days later, when LA on Cloud 9 arrived at the scene, you could see Jordan, visibly ill and injured from any yards away. With no protection from the elements, no food and no one to care for Jordan, he clung to life.

Here are some pictures from the scene taken by a board member of LA on Cloud 9



February 6, 2015:

First I want to assure you that we are working with the police on this case, we’re submitting evidence, and hopefully the person who did this will be punished!

Jordan continues to recover slowly. He just got another medicated bath to help treat his mange, and it really makes him feel better.

Because of the infections in his body, and because he is anemic (low red blood cell count), we needed to postpone the surgery.

Laila, a dog who we rescued a few days ago volunteered to donate some of her blood to help little Jordan (picture at the bottom left corner). We did two blood transfusions, and we continue to medicate him with antibiotics and pain meds.

He now lifts his head up, looks around, he is eating well, and I hope that next week he will get to go to his foster home.

It is so amazing that this little kid is only 7 months old, and loves human contact so much; all I have to do is reach to him, and he rests his head in the palm of my hand.
Tomorrow I’ll post photos from his surgery (it may be a little rough to watch, but it is just a part of the process, and I want to share every step with you guys as you are supporting this effort financially with your donations). I really appreciate the toys and beds you sent for him… I can’t wait for him to learn how to play with a toy.

– Message from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws / Facebook

10685412_1000739769940711_1650777462313118482_nFebruary 9, 2015:
Jordan’s surgery was successful! The surgeon had to remove Jordan’s leg completely (femur, tibia & fibula). The yellow arrow points at an installation that enables the doctor to inject medication directly to the location where his leg was amputated in order to keep the area numb and painless.

During surgery he was also neutered, one baby tooth that never fell out was removed, and he was also microchipped.

The picture of the leg was taken for the police, and we were actually asked by the detective to keep it in the freezer for evidence.

Jordan is now resting comfortably, and in a few days he will get to go to his foster home which is always a much better healing environment.

Please visit a local rescue this weekend and offer to become a foster parent / family.

jordan-update-3February 10, 2015:
Jordan is feeling better and I hope that in a couple of days the doctor will allow him to go to his foster home.

Jordan's Tale

A member of the LA on Cloud 9 Street Team spotted something in the middle of the river bed.

Something started to move and everyone was shocked that it was a dog

Then everyone noticed that something was wrong with his foot

After the rescue, it seemed clear that there was more to this rescue

He was rushed to the Veterinarian.

16 thoughts on “Jordan

  1. Patty moore

    I have called everyday since I heard and read about this horrible crime that was committed against this little beautiful dog. I know he is very I’ll but I pray every day he survives and is in no pain. He deserves a beautiful life and I am sure that will happen for him. I am a nurse and I see terrible things daily but this has really affected R ang my heart. I really would love to have this little boy in my life. I have always rescued my dogs. I hope and pray that little Jordan becomes part of my family. He will be loved and taken care of as I take care of my other sweet dogs that are in my life. Jordan please know that I am praying for you and want the best for you. I will continue to stay in contact with laoncloud9 and follow your progress on their web page. Please get well you sweet little boy.

  2. Katie Rinaldi

    we would like to adopt jordan. Please get ahold of us. I work with animals on a daily basis and we have 2 loving dogs that would like to give him some love

  3. shawn


  4. Amanda Aguirre

    This story left me in tears. I LOVE animals, I have a big heart for pets, especially dogs and cats. I dont understand how people can be so cruel to animals, there is so much corruption and evil in this world that its sickening. I want to track down the guy that did this and make him pay, cut off his leg and throw him at the botton of a river in a bag. Theres no excuse, no animal should go through that kind of pain. God will make him and every other sick asswhole pay. Shit like this sets me off when I hear stories like this. Im so glad he’s doing much better. If I could adopt him I would but I have 3 dogs already. I hope he finds a loving home really soon!

  5. Cassie Alongi

    This is so sad to see. I don’t understand such cruelty. Please update your website with any outcome of prosecution.

  6. Michael DeKruif

    Jordan is an amazing little boy. I pray that he finds a great permanent home in his very near future. I am so grateful that organizations like yours exist to help these poor innocent animals. As the owner of two rescues myself I know how much joy these animals bring to a persons life. I can’t understand how a human could be so cruel. I would love to have Jordan join my home, but realize that you probably have many others in line waiting for such a special little guy. Let me know how and where he ends up.

  7. Jordan Grace

    I would like to adopt Jordan. I have a small 30# very social, gentle hound mix and a cat who loves dogs. I also have a large home with a fully coraled back yard and pet door. I live near a reserve with a dog park and hiking trails. I see jordan likes to swim, which is great because I live on an island in the middle of Indian Lake in worcester, MA. I think Jordan would be very happy with us. My pets are well cared for by west side animal hospital. My cat recently had his knee rebuilt, and my dog gets treatment for storm anxiety but is otherwise very healthy. I myself am a medical professional and will gladly tend to his skin condition. contact me if he is available.
    Thank you, Jordan G

  8. Johnette brewer

    My name is Johnette, I have been following Jordan. I was more than touched by his story.
    If I could have any info on adopting this baby or if he’s already found his home I would greatly appreciate it. I can’t stop thinking about him. Thank you so much.

  9. Marcia

    Has Jordan been adopted? I live in Northern California, but would drive down to rescue and adopt him. What a sweet, forgiving, resilient dog!

  10. Melissa L.

    Has Jordan been adopted already? I would love to give him a loving home. If he has been adopted, I wish him the best. I was in tears watching his video and continue to be shocked by the cruelty by these horrible human beings that would do such things.

  11. C.J.

    I discovered this brave little guy on hopeforpaws.org and I fell in love. I cried my eyes out watching the video. I would love to give him a home with a loving family. I have one dog of my own named Spatz that I rescued from a shelter. While my mother and father who I live with have 3 of their own. All girls. Spatz could use a brother in this house full of women and eventually I will be going to the tom rose school for professional dog trainers to be trained to train dogs. I want to help animals find homes through also helping them become trained making it easier to be adopted. I also plan in the future to have a rescue farm for homeless and abused animals. I want it to be like a vacation home for the animals. Mainly dogs is what I’ll specialize with though. I love animals and have a special connection with dogs. I have a lot of big dreams to help these beautiful creatures. Thank you for all you do and for inspiring me even more towards my dreams.

  12. Gary C. Hardin

    Is Jordan still available for adoption? I would be very interested. Please contact me via my email.
    Thank you,

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