What We Do

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We get ready

We create Blessing Bags or make food from donations from generous donors.

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We hit the streets

Armed with goodies and lots of compassion, we hit the streets and distribute food and hygiene bags in areas of Los Angeles.

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We give love, give hope

With every donation, we give hope and provide case management to help connect them with resources and agencies that can help them further.

"Helping End Homelessness Now"

A valuable component of LA on Cloud 9 is our Lance Corporal Segovia- Lopez Teen Project program. We empower teens to make a difference in their community, in the lives of others, by offering volunteer opportunities where they help the homeless and pets firsthand. Under chaperone supervision, they prepare and assemble food and hygiene packages, and then deliver to the homeless camps, on the street, riverbeds, freeway off-ramp, directly. We teach the youth the importance of compassion and selflessness, and also motivate them to pursue their goals and dreams after high school, be it college, military, etc. The message to our youth is simple: No matter what you do in life, live a life of giving and compassion. Always give back to the community, and make a difference. In partnership with LAPD Southwest Division Jeopardy Youth Program.

Every Friday

Please call (323) 920-9-PAW or E-mail for more information

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