We have decided that, this year, we will be delivering Christmas gift to the children at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  LAC9 wants to serve Children’s Hospital Los Angeles families who are financially unable to provide for themselves and their children during this holiday season. Having a chronically ill child has a tremendous impact, emotionally and financially, on the entire family. Let’s make a child smile this year by giving them gifts over the Christmas Holiday.

Children’s Hospital has a Holiday Donation Schedule, Suggested Holiday wish list, things they cannot accept and Toy Donation Guidelines.

We want to make sure we follow these guidelines to ensure that the children receive them.

Holiday Donation Schedule:
Children’s Hospital will accept our Toys on
Dec. 18, 2013 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

**Unfortunately, Due to infection control issues, they cannot coordinate personal deliveries of our toys to the patients directly** we will be dropping them off at the Hospital and let them know that all these toys came from generous volunteer of LAC9; anyone who wants to be part of this drop off can join us at the Hospital ♥

Suggested Holiday Wish List:
Below are the items that the Children’s Hospital needs the most for the holidays. (We appreciate multiples of the same gift in quantities of 30 whenever possible.)

-Generic coloring books
-Bubbles (regular individual size)
-Uno cards
-Medical first aid kits
-Baby rattlers
-Gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon

Things they cannot accept:
To prevent infection, they ONLY accept new and unwrapped gifts for infants, children and adolescents. Once they receive our gift, they sort and sanitize the gifts to further prevent infection. Furthermore, unwrapped gifts ensure that children and adolescents are given gifts that are appropriate to their age and developmental levels.

**Flowers, Edible Gifts and Holiday Treats
Due to their infection control policy they cannot accept these items**

Toy Donation Guidelines:
The Children’s Hospital appreciates the generosity of donors like us who help them continue their tradition of providing toys to the patients at key points in their recovery. Below is the criteria that they ask that we follow when making our toy donations to help them maintain patient safety and well-being.

*To prevent infection, they only accept new toys, books and DVD’s.
*They cannot accept stuffed toys or toys with small pellets or beans.
*Toys should be sturdy and free of any parts which may pinch.
* Please avoid toys which can break easily and leave sharp edges. (i.e. made of glass or brittle plastic)
*They do NOT accept or distribute toys that are designed to promote aggressive behaviors (e.g. toy weapons of any kind nor violent video games or movies).
* All craft materials must be non-toxic (e.g., markers, glue, paint)

If you want to do something nice this Christmas and help someone in need, especially a child, be part of this Toy Drive! We will start collecting the toys on Dec 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, the day of drop off.

Thank you!