Old shoes, new shoes, good shoes, bad shoes… any SHOES!  We all need them, we all want them and we all must have them.  Can you imagine not owning even one pair?

Unfortunately, so many DON’T have shoes, so they walk around barefoot and in pain.   A Good friend of mine, Blanca Villalpando, sent me a message about her concerns of a few homeless men she sees daily by her office in Downtown LA. She mentioned donating a few pairs of shoes to them so they wouldn’t have to walk barefoot in this freezing weather! Thanks to her, LAC9 will host ” Walk with Shoes on LA Streets.”  We will collect as many shoes as possible and give them all out in Downtown LA (Skid Row, Los Angeles).

If you have any old shoes laying around that you don’t need any more, please consider donating them by giving them to someone in need! We will be collecting shoes all throughout December and January.  On February 1st, we will go down to Skid-Row and host a shoe drive.  Everyone is welcome to volunteer- your help is much appreciated!